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NoMa - Notification Manager for Nagios

(++ Icinga, Shinken, Centreon Engine++)

Notification Manager or NoMa (https://www.netways.org/projects/noma) makes managing Nagios notifications easier. It lets you create and modify standard notifications, escalations, schedules and vacations for your monitoring system.

The full documentation is available in the doc/ subdirectory of the source code.

Support & Questions

Please use the issue tracker at the project page to submit any issues you encounter with NoMa

How does it work

When Nagios/Icinga/Shinken/Centreon Engine notifies NoMa, instead of the core blocking each notification to every user through every method used in your setup, it's one single notification to NoMa. NoMa then uses the configured filters to notify contacts via the preconfigured methods, E-Mail, SMS, Voicecall, Growl etc.

The beauty of NoMa is that it's a graphical interface for managing notifications rather than complex configuration files. It's easy for other admins in your environment to set themselves to vacation, change what they want to be notified about and most importantly, WHEN to be notified.


Pre Requirements:

  • Lots of Perl(s).
  • php5 modules - among others; yaml, sqlite (or mysql if you are feeling adventurous)

Download NoMa from a trusted source. ..... #> ./configure --help (to view available switches for easy install) #> ./configure (or none for default paths) #> make all #> make install .....

Don't forget: the full documentation is available in the doc/ subdirectory of the source code.

Then copy one of the init scripts from the notifier to the appropriate place for your system (e.g. /etc/init.d) and install it with chkconfig or update-rc.d or similar.

HAVE fun and don't get spammed!