A collection of perlscripts to query 3ware raidcontrollers with the tw_cli tool.


check_3ware.pl Flag Description
--help, -h help screen
--usage little usage
--controller, -C Controller ID
--unit, -U Unit ID
--warnings, -W Displays warning Keywords
--okays, -O Displays ok Keywords
--version, -V Display version
check_dpti.pl Flag Description
--help, -h help screen.
--usage little usage
--controller, -C Controller ID


check_3ware.pl -C 0 -U 0 (checks Controller 0 Unit 0 for status)
check_3ware.pl -W (Displays all Warning keywords)
check_3ware.pl -O (Displays all OK keywords)

check_dpti.pl -C 0  (checks Controller 0)