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checks the em1 sensor box.


check_em1.pl -H host -u sensor_unit -q t|h|w [ -p port ] [ -P web_path ]
[ -w warn ] [ -c crit ]


-H      The ip or hostname of the SnesorTronics EM1 box.
-p      The port of the webservice running on the EM1, default is 80.
-P      The webpath for the servicedata, normally '/data'.
-u      The sensorunit (1-4)
-q      Which sensor to query (t=temperature, h=humidity, w=wetness)
-w      The warning threshold.
-c      The critical threshold.
-h      Display's this screen here...
-U      Display's a little usage.

Threshold Formats

  • start <= end

The startvalue have to be less than the endvalue

  • start and ':' is not required if start is infinity>

If you set a threshold of '12' it's the same like ':12'

  • if range is of format "start:" and end is not specified, assume end is infinity

  • alert is raised if metric is outside start and end range (inclusive of endpoints)

  • if range starts is lower than end then alert is inside this range (inclusive of endpoints)