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An icinga2 plugin to check on graphite graphs

###Installation Instructions: Without icinga:
-Just run it

With icinga:
1. Put the Script into your Pluginfolder designated by your constants.conf
2. Create a CheckCommand object for check_Graphite.py, remember including envs for authentication.
    An example config is included and make sure that location is found by your icinga2.conf.
3. Create a Service object with all the arguments you in your hostfolder.
    An example config is included.
4. Done, now start icinga2.

###Usage Instructions:
-g [graph name]
Name of the graph as given by Graphite

-H [URL]
URL to the page Graphite is running on, in the form of "http://url.top/"
Default is "http://localhost:80/"

-w [[u]Wthreshold]
Define warning threshold, use 'u' to warn if value goes below threshold

-c [[u]Cthreshold]
Define critical threshold, use 'u' to warn if value goes below thrshold

-t [time frame]
Get data for the last X [d]ays/[h]ours/[m]inutes.
Default is 24 hours.

-m [mode]
Declare mode.
0: Default mode
1: Needs -T [threshold] option, counts the time the graph is over your threshold.
Can be combined with all other options

Print usage

Display verbose help

Example usage:
./check_graphite -g carbon.agents.cpuUsage -H http://example.com/ -w 85.4 -c u0 -t 3d
Poll the graph carbon.agents.cpuUsage on example.com for the last three days,
warning if it is over 85.4 and sending a critical if it is below 0.

###Output The output will be formatted the following way:
Mode 0:
Status|most recent value;wThreshold;cThreshold;max;min;avg;sum;time
Mode 1:
Status|count over threshold;percentile over threshold;wThreshold;cThreshold;max;min;avg;sum;time