checks the hwgroup environmental devices

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Checks the hwgroup environmental devices.

The old perl implementation kept for historical reasons.


Installation is just simple. You need Python 2.7 to run this.

nagiosplugin Module

You need the Python nagiosplugin package. More information can be found on

Extract the package, go into the directory and type

$ wget https://pypi.python.org/packages/source/n/nagiosplugin/nagiosplugin-1.2.1.tar.gz#md5=d81c724525e8e8b290d17046109e71d2
$ cd nagiosplugin-1.2.1
# python setup.py install


Move the check_hwgroup.py script to your favorite ICINGA resource directory, e.g.

# cp check_hwgroup.py /usr/local/icinga/libexec


Get help

check_hwgroup.py -h|--help

Get the program version

check_hwgroup.py -V|--version


short long type default description
-v --verbose N/A N/A be verbose (specify up to 3 times
to increase verbosity level)
-H --host string (required) the hostname or ipaddress
of the hwgroup device
-C --community string public the SNMP community
of the hwgroup device
-P --port integer 161 the port
of the hwgroup device
-w --warning float (required) warning threshold
-c --critical float (required) critical threshold
-S --sensor integer (none) the sensor to check
-I --contact integer (none) the dry contact to check
-O --output integer (none) the relay output to check

Exactly one of -S, -I, -O must be given.

Supported devices


  • host:
  • port: 161
  • community: public

Fetch a sensor value and check whether it's OK, WARNING or CRITICAL

$ ./check_hwgroup.py -H -S 17946 -w 30 -c 35
POSEIDON 2250 SNMP SUPERVISOR V1.0.13 OK - Sensor 240 is 25.8 | 'Sensor 240'=25.8;30.0;35.0
$ echo $?

$ ./check_hwgroup.py -H -S 17946 -w 25.7 -c 35
POSEIDON 2250 SNMP SUPERVISOR V1.0.13 WARNING - Sensor 240 is 25.8 (outside range 0:25.7) | 'Sensor 240'=25.8;25.7;35.0
$ echo $?

$ ./check_hwgroup.py -H -S 17946 -w 25.7 -c 25.7
POSEIDON 2250 SNMP SUPERVISOR V1.0.13 CRITICAL - Sensor 240 is 25.8 (outside range 0:25.7) | 'Sensor 240'=25.8;25.7;25.7
$ echo $?

Frequently occurred user errors

Wrong host/port/community

$ ./check_hwgroup.py -H -S 17946 -w 30 -c 35 -P 162 -C apple
ERROR: SNMP error: No SNMP response received before timeout
$ echo $?

Wrong sensor

$ ./check_hwgroup.py -H -S 17947 -w 30 -c 35
ERROR: Sensor ID (17947) not found
$ echo $?

Where to buy

Product can be found here: NETWAYS Shop

Bugs and repository

For chorus of praise or complaints you can go here:

Native git access: git://git.netways.org/plugins/check_hwgroup.git